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        Shanghai Full year International Trading Co., Ltd. established in 2003 .While achieving rapid growth in our  business,we have also committed in enhancing the value we brought for  customers. We do this through superior technology, talented people & a keen understanding of our customers' needs. Our primary goal is to supply customers better products with  reasonable prices.

        PST staff are aggressive pursuing the corporate aim by  keep in mind our motto "    Do The Best——Working towards justice  & sincerity". We confident about the prospect for our development  & growth in China,Overseas area & believe that with the effort of my colleagues, we will  become "excellent team" in the future.

        We are deeply convinced,  succeed rely upon your supports completely!

        In order to Accomplish it best,
        We are not having a rest!

        Copyright 2002-2017 Shanghai Full year Internationl Trading Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved

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