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        Flexible tank

        PRONAL flexible tanks are ideal for storing and transporting liquids (drinking water, 

        hydrocarbons, chemical solutions, foodstuffs, industrial waste, sludge ?-). 
        They are manufactured with elastomer or plastomer materials, depending on the application, 

        and reinforced with high strength fabric. This is a simple economical solution. 
        Flexible tanks are used throughout the world and are suitable for thousands of users.

        Advantages : 
        - lightweight,
        - compact when folded,
        - quick set up,
        - no air inside the tank,
        - a low-cost solution, no civil engineering required

        A highly diversified range of products : 
        - ground storage up to 500,000 litres,
        - can be transported on trucks, pick-ups, boats and aircraft, suspended  under a helicopter or towed behind a vehicle, 
        - structured tanks and ferry fuel tanks for aeroplanes and helicopters, with anti-crash and self-sealing versions


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